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Building Eco Products for the Hospitality Industry

Save money and increase your environmental impact.
Halcyon Eco
Halcyon Eco
Oil Filtration System

The world’s first intelligent system for Cooking Oil Filtration Systems

Instantly impact your bottom line by making a 60% saving on your oil costs. Our innovative system lowers the volume of oil required monthly for your business while also increasing the cleanliness of your fryers.

Our system is fast and only takes 5-6 minutes to complete so can decrease your labour cost by 85% percent.

60% lower oil cost

Our Halcyon Eco Oil filtration machine lowers the cost of your kitchen's vegetable oil by 60%.

85% lower labour cost

Reduce the number of hours your staff needs to spend cleaning and filtering your oil.

Measure and report your savings

Use our propriety web tracking tool to monitor your savings from anywhere.

How Halcyon Eco Works

Halcyon Eco Oil Filtration machine was built and designed with the help of restaurant owners who purchase large quantities of cooking oil.

Using a quick-change pad pan filter system & filtration technology Halcyon Eco has revolutionised the hospitality and catering industry.


Oil Consumption, Waste, Accidents, Environmental Impact.


Cooking Oil Life by 50% To 60% and Staff Production Time


Lifecycle of Cooking Oil, Kitchen Efficiency, Oil Quality and Consistency

Use our Calculator to See your Potential Savings

At Halcyon Eco, we understand the importance of reducing costs in the modern commercial kitchen.

Try our interactive calculator to see how you can save up to 60% with Halcyon Eco.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Halcyon Eco not only reduces costs but reduces your carbon footprint.

We are committed to creating sustainable ecological solutions for the future.



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Cut oil costs by up to 60%
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